Upcoming Events / Where We Are Going To Be

25th November 2016 – Arcade Exhition at the V&A Museum.

15th – 20th December 2016 – Arcade and VR at Festival Wonderstroom in the Netherlands.

10th March 2017 – Showcase for Fools Paradise in Exeter Phoenix.

27th March – 4th June 2017Eden Project; Arcade, Physical Games and VR.

28th July 2017FarmFest; Arcade Machines and Video Game Party Show

30th July – 30th September 2017 Royal Museum of Cornwall; 8 Player commission for the game Chicken Jump and a custom Mount Your Friends / Flat Heroes Arcade Cabinet as part of their gaming exhibition.

7th & 8th October Lost Weekend Festival in Exeter; We’re bringing our arcade to Exeter city centre with our own marquee. Friday night video game party and fun for everyone Saturday and Sunday afternoon.


February 3rd Cardboard Arcade at the Loco Klub! Partnering up with Bristol Old Vic’s amazing Ferment festival (the first place we took the arcade!) we’re putting on our biggest event yet with the coolest shit we’ve done underneath Temple Meads in the former ash pits of the old train station. It’s such an amazing space we’re putting a lot of work into giving it an old school synthwave vibe mixed with new digital and analog games we’ve curated from around the world and two V.R stations! Families in the day time and barcade party in the evening! Link to the event coming soon.

Past events and supporters