Alternative wedding entertainment. Custom games & arcade cabinets, play areas, retro gaming, customised arcade cabinets!

As far as we know we’re the first to offer customised wedding games and arcade cabinets. Have your guests play together to learn the story of your proposal, first meeting or any other memorable event. With you and whatever characters you want along for the ride in 8-bit pixel form. After the wedding, we will provide you with a copy of the game for you to keep forever and have options for bespoke game boxes.

We will work alongside you writing and creating the game. This is something totally unique and an extremely memorable and unique piece for your wedding.

We also offer discounts on all our other cardboard arcade equipment alongside the wedding package. Prices are dependent on how detailed a game you want creating and of course if you want any other stuff bringing down for people to play on. Send us an email and we are happy to send you some ideas or speak on the phone!

“Thank you so much for the the cardboard arcades, everyone loved them. They got people talking and all through the night people would come together to try and beat the level which was really fun to see.” – The Bride.

The cabinets are completely customisable, colour, design, images. We can provide some design ideas and all the pixel art or you can send us any design / aesthetic notes from your wedding and we can work with that.