The Cardboard Arcade

The Arcade has grown over the years and continues to do so with new installations and partnerships happening all the time. Below are some of the installations we currently have to offer but we also have a large network of play and game makers to draw upon so if you want some ideas beyond what we have here just get in touch.

Our main focus with the arcade is that all the installations and games are straightforward and easy to play for people of all ages and abilities. Our next focus is that they are all fun to play with people. Through carefully curating games and sometimes making our own and then testing them out at a wide range of events we now have a really great selection that is guaranteed to get people laughing, making friends and having fun… To start with we have the original and most booked; the Arcade Cabinets. All fully customisable. One event organiser who booked us said the fact that they are made out of cardboard and not your ‘traditional’ arcade cabinet gets more people playing and interested who wouldn’t usually be interested in an arcade machine. We have a wide range of games to choose from or you can go with our classics that we think work perfectly for at events.

Next up are some of our one off installations… Starting with Tap Happy Sabotage

THS is a touchscreen based game for up to 18 players.

I like to think of it as a mix between MMA and Twister just using your hands.

I consists mainly of simple challenges like ‘hold down three of your items’ and the first to do it gets a point but changes and plays with you as the game progresses.

Team work makes the Dream Work – Pico Park

Pico Park is our favourite game out of all of them. We used to have it as a cabinet but now have made a custom 8 player installation and often project it at events.

This picture was taken at the V&A Museum where we had a crowd of about 80 people watching a team of stranger try to complete a simple task together for 20 minutes.. The cheer when they finally did it reminded me of a football game!

It’s one of the main games we use in our team building program as it gets you working together in a variety of ways. It’s always people’s highlight of the event.

Let’s get physical with Chicken Jump!

FirePunchHD made a great mobile game called Chicken Jump.

The game is simple. It consists of your character having to jump over oncoming traffic

The only thing we do differently is instead of using your finger to tap a screen you use jump pads. As you can see kids of all ages get into it… sometimes too much!

We don’t only use computers… RainboDisko!

RainboDisko was created by Ben Sironko and Denver Coulson.

It consists of a record player with different coloured board game pieces. The main mechanic is to place them on and off the record.

They see it as a folk game where the rules are made up and evolve through the play of it.

Alongside these you can see some more under the installations tab and we have a games pack pdf here with some future plans.