We usually work on a quote basis due to having so many customisable options and installations but we wanted to give a few example packages and prices so you have an idea of what our services cost.

Basic one day package. 3 x installations.
Within this package you could have 9 x retro Machines or 3 x Arcade Cabinets for the same price.

3 x Retro Boxes

One Unique Installation

1 x Arcade Cabinet

Price – £650 plus travel and accommodation.

If needing to set up or get out on a different day to the event it costs £250 per extra day. If you want the installation for more than one day our prices come down with each day added. We’ve ran installations at venue for up to 3 months in the past. £650 is around our minimum price to set up some of our installations though it’s always worth asking especially if we are near to you (Bristol).

Bespoke Options

We can customise our cabinets and even design and build one off 8-bit style games for your wedding/party/brand. Below are a few options. This definitely works on a quote by quote basis as it’s highly customisable but this is a kind of base price where we start from.

Custom Arcade Cabinet & Game

Price – Starts from £900 plus set up day.

Custom Cabinet with game of your choice

Price – Starts from £500 plus set up day.