Here we have some information on our festival project. It combines all of our ideas and creations underneath one roof. The main emphasis is it being a place where people play. It’s warm and welcoming to everyone and creates a space where new friends are made.

What we do is we bring our inflatable building and inside we set up our play space. There are a lot of options; it could be a small arcade with a few machines or a massive space with arcade machines, projected video game parties, virtual reality set ups, shows, cardboard furniture for people to relax on, a bar, a hub, a coffee place…

Below is a rendering we have created that shows a simple example of what we will bring. As you can see in it we are doing our video game party projected onto the outside of the structure. This can be an outdoor stage in itself throughout the day and we have a few different evening show options alongside Video Game Party we can bring along.

The best way to explore this is to check out the festival pack below and if you have any questions send us an email and we can chat in a bit more detail. We’re hoping to take it to a few festivals in 2018 and are currently looking for any who may be interested.

Festival / Event PDF here.
Games List here.