Corporate Events

What we love so much about playing games is that it brings people together, it takes away the awkwardness of that first hello said to a stranger. You share an experience and naturally reflect on it. This is what the cardboard arcade brings to an event (alongside a load of laughs and good memories). All the games are simple to pick up and play and fun to watch. Most are multiplayer with some games accommodating up to 8 players.

Alongside the arcade we can make the scene bigger; a Virtual Reality set up with a screen showing what the person is doing. A live gaming party with comedy commentators, prizes and lots of sports like fever!

We have a lot of experience in the corporate world; Michael Bell (Director of Unstable King) has worked in this industry as an organiser and performer for ten years. If you want more information on the arcade, what is possible, prices etc. send us an e-mail to contact(at)

Corporate PDF here.
Games List here.

Team Building

As far as we know we are the first to develop video game team building. We use specific games that encourage team work, listening, leadership and fun. Our aim is to get a group of people go through a challenge together and have a load of fun doing it. All the games are designed with simplicity in mind (so everyone can take part) and each game can play up to ten players.